We are a family orientated home base business. The spirit we possess drives us to succeed! Our mission is to help other people achieve their personal goals. We know we have the plan to do it. We understand that with any business, hard work is required. We have goals, measure their progress and accomplish them.

Brian's background of military, corporate business and marketing systems has pressed upon him the need for a proven system that can be duplicated is vital to any team's success. Brian also is a husband and father to a large family. Applying this knowledge gained and using these skills is a key advantage in this business. Being able develop and build such a system is exceptional.

Delores wife of Brian, is a devoted wife of 24 years. Primarily raising the children, She manages a very functional home. With extended responsibility of the kids activity of parent involvement, she is able to supervisor everything that is going on. Delores is a key asset to daily operation of the home with maintaining several schedules without delay or missed appointments. Her attention to detail is sought after by many organizational committees.